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Spreading the Word

July 27, 2016

Hello, all.  ZORIZ has been open a little over a month now.  We started with our pre-sale and graduated to a fully open status last week.  We have been very pleased with the response we are getting from all angles about our product.  Thanks for the support!  At this stage, we are just trying to spread the word.  The coolest feeling for me is when I get positive feedback after someone plays in a pair of ZORIZ.  It's funny to see, hear, and read the pure excitement when a golfer tells me, "you can actually play in these!"  Then I get to give them the nicest and very proud "I told you so".  The question I get the most is if the sandals are actually for playing golf.  The answer is they are only for golf unless you want to unscrew the spikes I guess.  I didn't truly pick up golf until my days of playing baseball were through so I have what I call a classic baseball player over swing.  If these ZORIZ golf sandals stay on my feet, they can stay on most.  Now that is not a challenge.  They are a flip flop golf sandal.  If you truly are determined to swing out of them you could but if you come out of these sandals, you're swinging to hard.  Give em' a try and tell us what you think.  Thanks for visiting.

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