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About Us

Our story began on a golf trip in Florida over a decade ago. After playing 36 holes a day for a few days in a row, I decided to not put my traditional golf shoes back on for the afternoon 18 opting for flip flops.  While the sunshine tanned my feet, I shot my best round of the trip and felt great doing it. The freedom of wearing a flip flop while golfing made the round more enjoyable and just felt like vacation.  After the trip, I continued to wear my sandals for the rest of the year taking note of what could be improved. By the end of the year my flip flops both tore apart as they could not handle the torque of the golf swing. After years of design and development, I applied and was granted a US patent for a flip flop golf sandal. ZORIZ patented features include a raised heel lip, a reinforced upper to the EVA midsole, and removable spikes. 

ZORIZ is a golf sandal engineered specifically for the golf swing. ZORIZ brand is a fresh take in an evolving market of golf footwear. So grab a pair of ZORIZ and feel the sun on your feet, pick out some gear, and Grip it and Flip it!