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Ins and Outs

September 20, 2016

  Hello, golfers.  I hope everyone has been hitting em' straight.  The only thing bad about starting a golf sandal company is there is very little time for golf!  We have been working very hard getting the word out about ZORIZ golf sandals and we continue hear great things! Keep the feedback coming.  We love it!  One question I hear from golfers is if their country club will allow a golf sandal.  I have not heard of anyone getting turned away yet and I have talked to many golfers who play in their ZORIZ at very high end golf courses.  I'm sure there is a very small percentage of clubs that don't allow open toed shoes on their course but I have yet to play this great white buffalo.   Also, be sure to tighten the spikes upon arrival and check them before you play.  The spikes may not be 100% tight when they arrive.  This is good rule of thumb for all golf shoes.  Check us out at the Ryder Cup in Chaska.  We will be doing Promos for three days.  Check social media for details.   Grab some ZORIZ and get out and play so I can live vicariously through you.  Thanks for visiting.


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