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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play golf in ZORIZ?

Yes.  ZORIZ patented features help hold your feet securely while providing traction with golf spikes.

Are ZORIZ unisex?

Yes.  All colors are the same sandal.

What size should I order?

Men should order one size down from their regular size for a snug fit.  Women should follow suggested women's sizing.  Our sizing suggestion is what we have found fit most of our customers.  Every pair of feet are different.

Do I need to tighten the spikes?

Yes.  Spikes may not be 100% tight upon arrival.  Tighten spikes with spike wrench when received and before each use.

How do you pronounce ZORIZ?

ZORIZ is pronounced [ ZOR-EEZ ].  Think ZOR-ease.

Should I buy myself some ZORIZ?